Subject Notes
Aeromedical Factors E01
Certificates and Documents E18
Weather Information E35
Operation of Systems E02
Performance and Limitations E36
Assembly E40
Ground Handling E39
Preflight Inspection E41
Cockpit Management E42
Visual Signals E43
Radio Communications E44
Traffic Pattern E45
Airport, Runway, andTaxiway Signs, Markings, and Lighting E46
Engine Starting E60
Taxiing E61
Before Takeoff Check E62
Normal and Crosswind Takeoff and Climb E63
 Engine Shutdown In Flight E64
Abnormal Occurrences E65
Normal and Crosswind Landing E66
Slips to Landing E67
Downwind Landing E68
Minimum Sink Airspeed E70
Speed-To-Fly E71
Straight Glides E47
Turns to Headings E48
Steep Turns E76
Flight Preparation and Planning E10
National Airspace System E08
Engine Starting E60 dup
Taxiing E61 dup
Before Takeoff Checks E62 dup
Normal and Crosswind Takeoff and Climb
Engine Shutdown In Flight E64 dup
Abnormal Occurrences E65 dup
Maneuvering at Minimum Control Airspeed E78
Stall Recognition and Recovery E79
Thermal Soaring E73
Ridge and Slope Soaring E74
Wave Soaring E75
Simulated Off-Airport Landing E82
Emergency Equipment and Survival Gear E83
After-Landing and Securing E84